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Daily Gumball

Hey there! These days I’m posting here. Please come visit.   Thanks, Catheryn    Tweet Share Read More

The Icings on the Cakes – A Trip to Little Vinnie’s Tattoo Parlor

There was something I still needed to do… something else on the finish having cancer checklist… what was it…? Oh yeah, nipples. I had the strange fleshy little mismatched cones that I suppose could have passed for nipples as long as you didn’t need to use them, but they had no color. The nude nipples sat on vertical crescent shaped scars that where most definitely not even. Lefty had... Read More

The Book!

So, I haven’t posted in a while, – I’ve been hard at work on completing the memoir as promised!  Sure stuff has happened – like I GOT TATTOOED!  Nipples that is.  Exciting, right?  I will post my story about my trip to Little Vinnie’s Tattoo Parlor in Finksburg, Maryland asap  – after I straighten out the disarray  all my websites fell into after I changed hosting sites…  It’s all very... Read More

Best Motivation to Donate? Indiegogo Ends Today!

In the last few hours of my Indiegogo “Blog to Book” campaign I’m wondering what is the best way to motivate people? Feel good ads? Threats? Scare ads?! Nostalgic? Let me know what works for you – there’s only a few hours left!        Tweet Share Read More

Go Indiegogo “Blog to Book”

Please take a moment to look at my  “Blog to Book ” indiegogo campaign. Unless that’s how you got here, in which case, welcome!  I hope you will have a little read, visit the sights.  Tell me what you think. I’ve been writing like crazy – a memoir weighs in around 80,000 – 90,000 words (ish) – can you believe that? This whole post is only 109 , (if... Read More


“You have an audition.  Check your Casting Networks Alerts for audition details.” Woo hoo!  I love getting these texts.  I go right to my email to see what it’s for.  Could be anything!… A national network spot…?!  A Proctor and Gamble mom,  a funny shopper, a snarky office worker, a… ROLE: CANCER SURVIVOR Oh. Hmmm.  A “REAL cancer survivor -Female, 25 – 45.” I bet my agents were psyched when... Read More

Busts Baps Torpedoes

I recently read that the whole thing about Eskimos having 400 different words for snow was “a linguistic hoax.”  I thought this was pretty disappointing until I got to the part of article that pointed to a study of  the Sami language of Norway, Sweden and Finland, that said the language has as many as 1000 different words for reindeer (never challenge these people to a game of Balderdash,... Read More

But Ya’ Gotta Eat!

I have not had a diet coke since June 3, 2011.  I used to drink 3 or 4 a day.  What’s better than starting your day with a cold soda for breakfast, then one at lunch of course, and a sweet little treat waiting in the fridge at the end of  a long day?  I’d drink them with ice and lemon if I was feeling fancy, or just warm... Read More