My name is Catheryn Brockett and I'm an actor/writer by trade and a cancer survivor by what...  cruel fate, underwire bras, genetically altered fruit?  Who knows, but you've found my blog where I share how I see life through the cancer kaleidoscope now.  It's a curious place and I hope think so too.


Not just "Cancer Girl," I do many other things - commercials, speaking, storytelling, photography, fire eating - visit my website!

Click here for webBut - you are probably here about the cancer story because it's sure a doozer.  Spoiler alert - I'm fine!  If you are like me you might want a little super condensed version - just the facts, right?  Here 'ya go.

April, 2011 Found peach pit sized lump - 7 o'clock on the boob dial.  

May, 2011  It's cancer.

Still May, 2011 Lumpectomy.

June, 2011 Lumpectomy #2 for undetermined mass that would not be biopsied, no matter who tried and with what space aged method just to make sure it's not cancer too.  I mean, what are the odds it's cancer too?  It's cancer.

July, 2011  Mastectomy.  Apparently the thing was trying to kill me.

July - December, 2011  Try to navigate world while undergoing reconstruction of lefty.  Doctor's office visits every other week until expansion device reaches logic defying 600 cc's. (Basically the size of a baby's head.) Auditioning is "challenging," dating - non existent.

December, 2011  Last minute decision, 2 new boobs.  I am the proud new owner of a bilateral mastectomy body.  Holiday outfits severely compromised by drains.

January - April, 2012  Try to navigate world with two fake boobs, - one that gets bigger every other week.  (See July through December.) Wonder if this will ever end.

April, 2012  Thank God above, revised surgery on left breast and right implant swapped out for one that looks less like a Grandma boob.

May, 2012  Cancerversary.  I made it a year.  The girls are still a mess - but they are the same.  And though my oncologist won't say it*, - cancer free.

December 2012 Nipples!

January 2013 First Nipple revision. Editing of righty.

August 2013 Second Nipple revision. Rob from the rich (righty) and give to the poor (lefty).

August 2014  Visit Little Vinnie's in Finksberg and get an awesome pair of tats for the tits.


That's mostly just the medical stuff - the best stuff is the stuff that happened in between, and that's why I wrote a book.


*Yeah, oncologists don't like to ever declare anyone "cancer free."  Pessimists?  Realists?  Scientists?  Or just plain Spoil Sports?