It’s That Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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I’m trying not to make it a Very Cancer Christmas but it seems I’m foiled at every turn.

My favorite things Christmas – cookie parties, cocktail parties, tree trimming parties involve drinking, refined sugar, and leaving the house – involve 3 things that are currently verboten.  Can’t drink on the meds, can’t do the refined sugar or dairy right now (just as a personal choice – and what is more glorious on earth than butter, sugar and flour in the form of cookies, seriously I think that is why the baby Jesus shows up this time of year.)  And the leaving the house?  Can’t drive for 2 weeks after the surgery.* I’m mostly stuck in my apartment not being able to lift anything over 5 lbs or extend to reach anything over my shoulders. A tyrannosaurus rex in pink paisley pajamas,  which I wear to keep the indoor frame of mind alive on a sunny afternoon.  A sunny afternoon ripe for Christmas adventures…

“I just wanted to bake snickerdoodles!!”

* From the surgery on the 2nd – expander removal implant on left, mastectomy expander placement on right – a post I haven’t written – I blame the meds!

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