The Book!

SleepingSo, I haven’t posted in a while, – I’ve been hard at work on completing the memoir as promised!  Sure stuff has happened – like I GOT TATTOOED!  Nipples that is.  Exciting, right?  I will post my story about my trip to Little Vinnie’s Tattoo Parlor in Finksburg, Maryland asap  – after I straighten out the disarray  all my websites fell into after I changed hosting sites…  It’s all very exciting!  Okay, really it’s not – I’d rather well, be pulling every hair out of my legs one by one with a pair of rusty tweezers on a thursday.  Very soon!

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  1. Mandi
    | Reply

    Yay for nipples! Good luck with your book, you should send me an advanced copy to review (I rarely do it, but I lovvveee you and your blog, so I kind of have a feeling I might love your book). 😀

  2. tadal24ph
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